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Iranikulam Sree Mahadeva Temple
One of the most ancient temples of Kerala. The biggest double storied circular sanctum called ‘Thekkedathu’ (Southern) temple. The ‘Sadasivalingam’ consecrated by Lord Parasurama. Lord Siva with consort Sree Parvathy and son Kumara on a single pedestal at ‘Vadakkedathu’ (Northern) temple.
Thiruvathira Mahotsavam: This is the 8 days annual festival of the temple complex ending on ‘Thiruvathira’ morning of Malayalam month ‘Dhanu’, considered as the birth day of ‘Lord Siva’. This is a rare twin festival believed to be celebrated by ‘Sree Parvathy’ along with all her devotees, relatives and friends to enhance the well being of all women folk and the prosperity of their consorts.
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